Welcome at POL-ABA

We are family run company working on transport and logistics field for almost 30 years. Our main core business is FTL transports and forwarding in Poland and all EU countries. Our fleet consists of trucks with standard, temperature controlled and Mega trailers.

Additionally, on request of our Clients we have performed the following value added logistics services: storage, packing, sorting, distribution and components washing including returnable boxes (KLT, DSB containers) for automotive industry.

  • Transportation

    Domestics and international transportation. Distribution and FTL shuttles. Special transportation services.

  • Logistic

    Warehousing, packaging, sorting, items flow analysis, LEAN, designing of logistics processes.

  • Washing technology

    Washing components and returnables with complex logistic service. Washing process is individually designed for Customer’s requirements and precisely tailored for its production structure.