Washing technology

The washing line is exclusively designed and developed – with the cooperation of the manufacturer of the equipment – for plastic containers washing considering the following requirements of automotive industry:
- size of the containers (1,250mm width × 450mm high)
- type of dirt (oil, grease, soil, metal/plastic shavings, etc.)
- highest class of cleanliness
- environmental limitations

The quality is obtained from a specially designed multi-phase washing sequence including high pressure water jet mechanical dirt removing, detergent washing, temperature controlled rinsing and air blowing of each surface of the container. To sustain the highest quality, the process is performed on a fully automated, tunnel washing machine with electronically controlled all vital washing parameters.

The washing unit is equipped with double stages filtering system: an advanced 20µm centrifugal filter and oil separator. This combination, together with the fully bio-degradable detergents allows to connect the machinery directly to regular sewage system and assure compliance with the highest environmental requirements.

Washing process is performed in following stages:
- Pre-washing (high pressure hot water jets, no detergents)
- Main washing (hot water, detergents)
- Air blowing
- Rinsing (hot, fine filtered water, no detergents)
- Air blowing
- Rinsing (condensed, chemically clean water)
- Air blowing
- Drying in high power closed loop air circulation
- Colling down with heat recuperation system

Thanks to advanced recuperation devices as well as the closed loop water and air circulation the assumed media consumption may be limited to the following values:
- Water consumption: 0.012 l per container
- Power consumption: 0.05 kWh per container

These parameters, together with the fully bio-degradable detergents and the high end washing technology make our solution unique on the market, considering the quality, environmental protection and individual approach to the Customer.


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